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June 25, 2008
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Fakir Ducky by sadisticlolita13 Fakir Ducky by sadisticlolita13
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SalutaciousMolita Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
PS, very very good, and the background is perfect. ;D
SalutaciousMolita Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
OH!!! How i wish duck was human again, because then her and fakir could be HAPPY!!! HAPPY!!!!!*falls to knees in screaming Fakir style*
OH...i just finished, loved the ending but i really wish fakir had had it together to write that Duck magically became a girl again, but retained her memories, etc.
So not fair!!!! :[
sadisticlolita13 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
Yay! You've finished! I hope I've created another fan ^^ Lol, "falls to the ground Fakir style" that'a what we ALL should do. If only Duck was human! And if only her name had stayed as "Ahiru" instead of the literal translation! Ahiru sounds better...

Yeah, I get annoyed at the ending too. You know the worst part? There should have been a third season, but they didn't make it! *joins August and Fakir screaming on the ground* I've seen little peices of an ad for it, and she's human and she, Mytho, and Fakir are dancing together. Awesomely.
SalutaciousMolita Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
Mytho is back? but what about rue?
and i realy must concur that all should be screaming and falling toi their knees fakir style. AND I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!
I am just so peeved now! If they don't make a third season by their own free will, i will hunt all the cast and crew down, and hold them hostage until they do!
And mytho had better not get in the way of duck and fakir...i really thought they'd get together at the end! you could tell he loved her more so than...a duck?
But i have gained a much wider appreaciation of dance from this and the musical i did...they really work themselves HARD!!! like tghey should be dead by the end of it all but they're not! how amazing...;D
sadisticlolita13 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2008
I think Rue's back, I only saw bits of the ad, and the bits had Mytho and Fakir dancing, then Duck and Mytho dancing, then she spins into Fakir's arms and he touches her lips for some reason.

I WANT A THIRD SEASON TOO!!! Umm, google ';princess tutu season petition' I signed, and a heap of others did, and yeah.... that's more or less all we can do *cries*

Lol, he won't get in the ay of Fakir and Duck, Mytho's married to Rue, sort of! She had that great 'Swan Princess' dress thing going. (since at the end Mytho says his real name is Sigfreid, and the raven called Rue 'Krahe' and Rue gave herself the name of 'Rue,' I bet her real name was Odette... or it should've been!)

I thought it did too. In special features they have mini dance lesson thingies, that teach you things, which is interesting (well, I only watched one) Ballet dancers are amazing *nodnod*
SalutaciousMolita Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2008
damn! and YAY!!! i simply don't want mytho to get in the way considering that she did technically "love" him at the end of the series but was selfless in giving up her human form for him. =]
now i away to signing the PETITION!!!! *Ballet dances away and leaps great distances to Google* AWAY!!!!
Storykeeper Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2008
Duckie Fakir! *hugs much to Fakir's annoyance*
sadisticlolita13 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2008
Lol, and he can't do anything about it!
DarkSatara Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008
I really like the Ducky...he so cute :XD:
Monkeybird25 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2008
I don't know the anime, but he is CUTE!

May I snuggle him, please?


P.S. I think the background works well with the art style.
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